Luxury Condominium

KLCC and Bukit Bintang have always been the favorite game arena among the rich and expatriate. This is mainly due to the job opportunity, hospitality, tourism and lifestyle that one could ever ask for are just within the reach. Thus, the capital appreciation and rental yield for these places are attractive and profitable.

There are too many buildings of high rise within this territory, but there are a few which are very much sought after and they are labeled as luxury condominiums or residences as the names can tell. Each of them has their unique features such as private swimming pool, private lift or well connected to shopping mall. The price for these residences could go as high as RM2000psf or more! Just to name a few here:

- The Troika
- Marc Residence
- Pavilion Residence
- The Pearl
- The Binjai On The Park
- One KL

With the increasing demand and luxury lifestyle that people are indulge with, we have more branded 5 stars residences joining the play actively for past several years. They are all located in the exclusive addresses and combining both legendary services and luxury living into creating a lifestyle of its own. All these residences are designed by multi worldwide awards designers and managed by the famous hoteliers from all around the world. It gives you a place where you call home and yet providing you 5 stars dining and shopping experience at your door steps. Each of them provides you privilege services that are unique like no other.

The elites that are buying these 5 stars luxury residences are buyers from our home land itself and also foreigners from all around the globe. It is not only an investment, but we would rather say it as a kind of collection. It is a piece of beautifully crafted artwork that is limited edition and you can't find the duplicate elsewhere. It gives you a sense of belonging and satisfaction even if you are away from your home land. They are unique in each of them just like you and they definitely worth more than what you are paying for.

Four Seasons Place

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Ritz-Carlton Residences

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Banyan Tree Signatures

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8 Conlay & Kempinski Hotel and Residences

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